GTTS6: Evolutionary and adaptive manufacturing systems

The objective is the development of a new generation of manufacturing systems that can evolve over time and dynamically adapt to the changeable conditions of the context, determined by turbulent demand, by rapid technological cycles and by the dynamics of competitiveness, seen also in its progressive evolution. It is therefore desirable that the new manufacturing systems be conceived with features of scalability and adaptivity having high degree of automation and self-learning by the machines, granting levels of autonomy and adaptive intelligence such to ease operators’ task. Priority research topics are: modelling and simulation for the design and management of evolutionary and reconfigurable production systems; hardware and software technologies for the reconfigurability of production systems. Technological enablers will be linked with the availability of smart devices, integrated via wireless in transparent and autonomous manner, to monitor and control production assets, products and to support decisions, making available all necessary data regarding operations, configuration, failures and maintenance.

Composizione dello Steering Committee

Marco Macchi

(Politecnico di Milano)

Luca Tomesani

(Università degli Studi di Bologna)

Edmondo Gilioli

(Imem - CNR)

Federico Vicentini

(Stiima - CNR)

Gildo Bosi

(Sacmi Imola)

Sandro Salmoiraghi


Fabio Golinelli


Paolo Benatti

(BLM Group)

Support Components to GTTS6

  • Giuseppe Fogliazza
  • Antonio Grieco
  • Cesare Fantuzzi