GTTS4: High-efficiency manufacturing systems

The objective is the development of high-efficiency manufacturing systems that can minimize production costs and improve productivity and product quality. High production efficiency is a necessary condition for competitiveness in all enterprises, especially those operating in high volume sectors and with low margins. Priority research themes in this area concern: mechatronic solutions; automation and control systems with high production efficiency; quality management process and “Zero Defect Manufacturing”; product design methodologies that take into account efficiency in the use of resources, starting from the initial development and engineering phases, such as “design for efficiency” and “design for recycling”; logistic models and business models oriented towards the efficient management of the production chain. Moreover, tools for the integration of maintenance policies, optimization of quality and management of logistics are also very important.

Composizione dello Steering Committee

Marco Baglietto

(Università degli Studi di Genova)

Alessandro Beghi

(Università degli Studi di Padova)

Marco Sortino

(Università degli Studi di Udine)

Vittorio Rampa

(Leiit - CNR)

Mauro Biglia

(Officine Biglia)

Enrico Callegati

(Scm Group)

Renato Cotti Piccinelli


Pierluigi Petrali


Roberto Zuffada


Support Components to GTTS4

  • Giuseppe Fogliazza
  • Marcello Urgo
  • Giacomo Tavola