GTTS2: Strategies, methods and tools for industrial sustainability

The objective is to research and execute strategies, methods and tools capable of implementing sustainable production processes– from the standpoint of the environment, the economy and the community – that are less dependent on the outside for the supply of key production resources or that are negatively affected by the regulations in force. Those systems will need to be consistent with the evolution of markets and enabling technologies, using technology as competitive boost. Priority research actions in this area mainly concern: new solutions for the reduction of polluting and/or noxious emissions in manufacturing processes; methods and techniques for the strategic evaluation of product-process according to a vision of Life Cycle Engineering; technologies and processes for the reuse, re-manufacturing and recycling of products, components and materials at the end of the lifecycle or coming from maintenance processes; systems and methods to measure and implement “Sustainable Supply Chains” or “Closed-Loop Supply Chains”.

Composizione dello Steering Committee

Pietro Marani


Grazia Barberio


Marco Alberti

(Università degli Studi di Brescia)

Alessandro Palla


Mauro Parrini

(Simonelli Group)

Giacomo Bonaiti


Support Components to GTTS2

  • Tullio Tolio
  • Flavio Tonelli
  • Paolo Dondo