The Technical-Scientific Thematic Groups (GTTS) represent the operational modality that the Cluster Intelligent Factories has chosen in order to integrate the visions, plans and actions of its industrial and academic members.

Their role is to turn into reality the strategic suggestions of the CFI’s Roadmap for Research and Innovation, promote the analysis of the current state of science and of the industrial sector, monitor current projects and existing infrastructure, define paths of technology development by specifying research priorities and their level of technological maturity.

For every Line of Intervention related to the research themes laid out by the Roadmap (link) a specific GTTS has been set up, coordinated by a Steering Committee consisting of representatives of the Research Institutions/Universities and of the CFI member companies.

The fundamental role of the Steering Committees is to guide CFI’s roadmapping activity, promote the thematic development and specialization of the research lines, including with the involvement of Cluster members, and coordinate the production of technical documents by the GTTS with the supervision of the Cluster’s Technical Scientific Committee.