The Lighthouse Plant Club (LHP-Club) brings together all the Technology Cluster Intelligent Factories – CFI companies involved in the design and construction of Lighthouse Plants on the basis of research and development projects launched specifically to support this type of factory.

The Lighthouse Plant is a production plant based completely on 4.0 Industry technology, built from scratch or thoroughly restructured, that complies with requirements laid out in the regulations for participation in the Lighthouse Plant project (link). It is a plant that evolves through the years and is destined to become a national and international point of reference for the feasibility of paths of technological development.

Companies participating in the design and construction of the plant can register in the Lighthouse Club (LH-Club), which carries out activities of promotion and dissemination of the plants in national and international delegations, promoting them as best practice or case studies for applied research.

Membership of the LH-Club lasts three years, requires the payment of a membership fee, and provides a number of benefits to participating companies, which can also become supporting members of the Cluster “Intelligent Factories”. As a supporting member, companies can take part in all the networking activities of the CFI Association and in workshops with public and private institutions.

Lighthouse Plant