Why Becoming a Member?

Be part of a relevant and coordinated Community, recognized by regional, national and international institutes

Be part of an Observatory that provides information used in creating internal policies of research and technological innovation

Be part of the process that defines a Roadmap of national research, by sharing or anticipating international scenarios

The membership status will let you:

Attend or being represented at the meetings of the General Assembly, as well as voting

Nominate your representatives as spokespeople for your category inside the Coordination and Management Body ;

Participate in the Association’s activities

Participate in the Thematic Groups

Receive updates on research initiatives and trends about manufacturing

Partecipate in the Association's activities for internazionalization

How to join

Requests for membership must be submitted in writing to the Coordination and Management Body, using the following registration form . The form and the corresponding privacy policy, duly filled out and accompanied by a copy of the identity card of the legal representative, must be sent to

All requests for membership imply full acceptance of the Statute of the Association, of all its rules, of the resolutions of the Coordination and Management Body as well as the commitment to actively participate in the activities.
The Coordination and Management Body is entitled to ask additional information to each applicant. The Coordination and Management Body introduces the new members, who are then confirmed by the General Assembly.

New members can anyway be admitted on a temporary basis, following a resolution adopted unanimously by the Coordination and Management Body. This temporary admission is subject to formal confirmation from the General Assembly on the next meeting.

To promote the Association’s objectives, the Cluster requires a membership fee.
The amount and the relative payment methods are decided yearly by the General Assembly upon a proposal of the Coordination and Management Body.

Download Membership Kit Clicking here

Fill “Membership” and “Privacy” documents

Attach your legal representative ID document

Save all documents in PDF format

Send all the documentation to

Table fees 2018

Industrial Members

Industrial and commercial companies, service centers for companies active in the Manufacturing and Intelligent Manufacturing sectors
Large Enterprises

(over 250 employees, over 50 milions Euro in turnover)


(Over 250 employees, up to 50 million euros in turnover)

Starting from

€ 300

Starting from

€ 150

Research Members

Public and private Research Institutions, Research Institutes and public and private Universities active in the Manufacturing and Intelligent Manufacturing sector

Starting from

€ 150

Associates Members

Unions, business associations, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders active in the Manufacturing and Intelligent Manufacturing sectors

Starting from

€ 150

Supporting Members

Membership as a supporting member provides for the attribution of the CFI Label, the diffusion of the member's name and logo through the CFI website, with a descriptive card of the organization, the diffusion of the name and logo during each event, assembly, event linked to CFI

Starting from

€ 1500

N.B. The fees can be paid by credit card through the pay-line service on the reserved area or by bank transfer on the Unicredit IBAN C / C:
IT 93 V 02008 02411 000103420751 payable to: Smart Factory Cluster – Via Pietro Gobetti 101, 40129 Bologna

Per ulteriori Informazioni

È possibile inviare richieste di ulteriori e più dettagliate informazioni, mandando una mail all’indirizzo 


Iscriviti alla Newsletter

Uno strumento agile, per essere aggiornati sul mondo della Fabbrica Intelligente. La newsletter CFI raccoglie attività e iniziative degli Associati, novità negli ambiti presidiati dal Cluster, reportage, approfondimenti e interviste a personalità di spicco nell’ambito del manifatturiero avanzato.