Imprese, università, organismi di ricerca, associazioni e enti territoriali: insieme per la crescita del Manifatturiero


Federmeccanica is the Trade Union Federation of Italian Engineering Industry. It protects the interests of the Italian manufacturing and metal industry in the field of labour law and industrial relations.

Federmeccanica represents and promotes the Engineering Industry in relations with the public opinion, the Italian and the European Institutions.

The Group of metalworking companies established within the respective Territorial Industrial Associations headed by Confindustria, are part of Federmeccanica.

Federmeccanica represents and assists the Adherent Groups in their relations with the trade unions and with the Italian and European Institutions and stipulates  the collective labour  agreement for the category. It joins Confindustria and it si a no profit and apolitical association.

Through the Metalwork Groups established in the Territorial Industrial Associations of the Confindustrial System, Federmeccanica associates around 16,000 businesses and 800,000 employees.

Federmeccanica  with Confindustria take part “in the process of developing Italian society, contributing to the affirmation of an innovative, internationalized and sustainable entrepreneurial system able to promote the economic, social, civil and cultural growth of the nation”.