Imprese, università, organismi di ricerca, associazioni e enti territoriali: insieme per la crescita del Manifatturiero


The mission of the Italian Technology Cluster “Intelligent Factories” consists in proposing, developing and implementing a strategy based on research and innovation, able to:

orient the transformation of the Italian manufacturing sector towards new products-services, processes and technologies able to exploit and to develop successfully the unique heritage of resources offered by our Country

create a stable and more competitive national manufacturing community in the design, execution and enhancement of research results

connect national and regional research policies with international ones, with the aim of improving enterprises’ and Regions’ possibilities of using European research funds

To gain a stable position inside the global competitive ranking in the productive ambit, Italy must innovate its own manufacturing sector to exploit the above-mentioned resources and to offer customers unrivalled added value in certain markets.

This innovation will include, on one hand, the attainment of a higher productivity, especially through the adoption of new more efficient productive technologies, able to implement new high added-value products, and, on the other hand, the development of new strategic industries, boosting the existing successful productive tradition.

The strategic targets of the Italian Technology Cluster “Intelligent Factories” can be summarized as follows:

  • enhancing the competitiveness of the Italian manufacturing industry through the design and implementation of a series of research initiatives for the development of new enabling technologies;
  • preserving and cultivating in Italy advanced skills for manufacturing;
  • improving Italian companies’ performance in attaining international funds;
  • increasing the Return On Investment of research projects;
  • supporting the entrepreneurship and the growth of companies thanks to the involvement of private investors.


The accomplishment of the strategy of the Italian Technology Cluster “Intelligent Factories” provides for the following activities:

  • Activity 1 realization of applied research projects
  • Activity 2 – creation of opportunities of technological transfer, circulation and sharing of knowledge, networking
  • Activity 3 – contribution in the effective use of competences and equipment by sharing research infrastructures and workers’ mobility
  • Activity 4 – support and facilitation of smart and sustainable entrepreneurship, mainly based on research results
  • Activity 5 – support to technological forecasting activities on regional, national and international scale in the smart factory sector
  • Activity 6 – support to the growth of the human capital