Imprese, università, organismi di ricerca, associazioni e enti territoriali: insieme per la crescita del Manifatturiero

About CFI

The Italian Technology Cluster “Intelligent Factories” sets the target of developing and implementing a strategy based on research and innovation, able to consolidate and increment the national competitive advantages and, in the meantime, to orient the transformation of the Italian Manufacturing sector towards new product systems, processes/technologies and manufacturing systems, coherently with the strategic agendas of the European Union for research and innovation.
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CFI pieghevole 2016

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Joining the Italian Technology Cluster “Intelligent Factories” (CFI) Association allows pooling complementary competences in collaborative networks, sharing research infrastructures and contributing in the definition of a national Roadmap aimed at enhancing the Italian competitiveness in the research and in the manufacturing innovation. Joining the CFI, each member becomes part of a Community that actively operates to establish important relationships and synergies with primary international stakeholders and policy makers, thus sharing in the internationalization of the Italian manufacturing and fulfilling the connection between the international manufacturing research and the national/regional one.
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